UPDATE: Charlie Hodge Returns to Kelowna Council

Kelowna City Councillor Charlie Hodge is back to work.

He returned to council chambers on Monday, less than two weeks after being admitted to Kelowna General Hospital.

"I truly am thankful for everything" said Hodge. "For being here number one, for council's patience, for all the prayers and thanks and powerful energy the public sent to me. For my superstar wife, Tess, who manages to hang in there. I don't know why."

He also took time to publicly thank the doctors and nurses who saved his life.

"I want to say that while I didn't enjoy my 'sedation vacation', the people at the intensive care unit at Kelowna General were absolutely amazing."

On January 2nd, the councillor was discovered unconcious and rushed to hospital - where he spent two days on life support in the intensive care unit.

(Original Story)

Kelowna City Councillor Charlie Hodge plans to return to work within the next two weeks.

The 63-year-old Councillor was admitted to Kelowna General Hospital on Thursday.

While it's still unknown what caused the complications, doctors say his carbon dioxide levels were critically high.

In a statement read by Mayor Colin Basran in Council Chambers, Hodge said he's thankful for the support of the community.

He's looking forward to returning to his post as soon as possible.