Cigarette likely started Chute Lake Road fire

As Kelowna fire officials continue to investigate the cause of the Chute Lake Road fire, one possibility is emerging among the rest.

Platoon Captain Tim Light says there was speculation it could have been a result of the power line that had been knocked down nearby.

"They ruled out any sparks from the earlier incident on Chute Lake Road, because the winds were (blowing in) exactly the opposite direction. It was whistling out there," he said.

Light says investigators have found a much likelier cause.

"Their theory is because the burn was so low to the ground, that it was probably a cigarette tossed into the hedges. It was burned right down to the ground on those hedges, and generally that means something on the ground started the fire. There's no other ignition source at all," he said.

In the official report, the fire's cause will be listed as "undetermined," because of a lack of physical evidence at the scene.