City Council to Discuss Bikeshare Options

A proposal for a new permit program for bike share companies in Kelowna will reach city council tomorrow.

DropBike announced earlier this week that they are terminating operations, blaming the City's regulatory framework for their decision.

According to Transportation Coordinator, Matt Worona , nothing has been changed since their pilot program started last year.

“Everything about how we regulated them and into the future is exactly the same. As we change this we’re not pulling the rug out from under DropBike, we’re trying to add flexibility where we can and add the ability for more people to invest in this market,” said Worona.

Along with council’s approval, they will submit a request to the government for an exemption from the Motor Vehicle Act to permit the use of electric scooters on public roadways.

He expressed that it is very important that Kelowna be flexible with change.

“As the kinds of vehicle types widen out, the features on those vehicles widen out. It’s more likely that more people will be served for different needs of their trip based on a multi-vehicle, multi-operator marketplace.

He says to his knowledge no one company currently offers all vehicle types.