City drawing up official roundabout policy

With up to two more roundabouts being added to Kelowna intersections this year, the city is currently developing a policy to dictate future construction.

City Planning Manager Rafael Villarreal says it'll act as a checklist that'll determine if a roundabout is appropriate for an intersection, or not.

"It is to identify a bit of a framework for decision making, to see where do we put a roundabout, (and) what is the rationale," he said.

"So, we'll have a full business case for everytime we decide where a roundabout is going. It's because usually in the longer term, it's cheaper. They're quite efficient, quite safe."

He says from where the city's sitting, the roundabouts have more positives than negatives.

"They are safer, they get people to slow down a bit, but they keep the traffic flowing," he said.

"So if you think of a roundabout in Europe, most of their intersections deal with roundabouts, and some of the traffic movements are even more than what we have here, and they work quite well. We're working on getting more roundabouts."

As of this week, construction has started on a new roundabout at Doyle and Water Street downtown.

Villarreal also confirmed that the city hopes to have one built on Lakeshore Road, at Collett Road, by the end of the year..

He says that one is in an especially good location, with a park and school zone in the nearby area.