City looking to make changes to city's sewage treatment

A fertilizer that's made out of sewage in the Okanagan is getting produced faster than it's being sold.

Space is running out quickly at a storage facility near Vernon, where 50,000 tonnes of OgoGrow is being kept.

OgoGrow is made from the region's sewage, which is converted into a biosolid, mixed with wood waste, and composted into a fertilizer.

About 29,000 tonnes is produced each year between Kelowna and Vernon, an amount the city isn't able to sell off.

Population growth is a main cause of this, with Kelowna's urban core growing faster than any other area in Canada.

It's lead the city to hire an outside contractor, who's compiling a report with recommendations on how to treat wastewater differently, to produce less biosolid.

There's currently an online survey that's been released on the city's website, which allows anyone that wants to, to give feedback on the plans.

The consultant Opus says it expects to report back with final recommendations in August.