City of Kelowna looks at saving 38 million litres of water


The City of Kelowna is using new techniques to save water from being wasted in its parks and sports fields.

With help from the Okanagan Basin Water Board, the hope is it translates into a savings of 38 million litres of water each year.

"We have been able to use technology now to actually tell us when sprinkler heads may be broken or their is breaks in our line and  the systems will shut down and not allow water to run out on the streets or in someone’s property and cause damage."      

The City's Ted Sophonow says the savings is about 80 times the amount of water in the pool at Parkinson Rec Centre.

"Water in this valley is worth its weight in gold," Sophonow added. "We do a good job of trying to minimize the excess spraying on sidewalks or excess use of water, in general, in our parks."