City's homeless plan task force finalized

The City of Kelowna has announced its picks for the Journey Home Task Force, that's been tasked with addressing the issue of homelessness.

Joining committee chairs Dr. Kyleen Myrah and Martin Bell will be 19 volunteers from the community, who will meet every month.

Social Development Manager Sue Wheeler says that they actually added six more people than were originally planned for.

"It was clear that it wouldn't suffice to have only 15 members appointed to the committee to do this important work," she said.

"So the recommendation being proposed is to expand the membership from 15 to 21 members."

Wheeler says while many volunteers are already quite active in the community, she's not worried about the task force taking up too much of their time.

"Before people applied, we let them know of the time commitment, which is expected to be one meeting per month. And I think that through that process, I think what people really demonstrated was strong commitment to this community work, and wanting to be a part of it."

All members of the task force had to apply for their position, and will hold the first meeting before the end of the month.

The task force will continue to meet until next June, and will come up with a blueprint for a homelessness plan, that includes federal government funding, to be announced in the spring.

Joining Myrah and Bell on the committee will be:

  • Ann Howard on behalf of BC Housing
  • Cheryl Miller on behalf of Central Okanagan Foundation
  • John Yarshenko on behalf of Interior Health Authority
  • Harleen Price on behalf of Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction
  • Sheila Lewis on behalf of Okanagan Nation Alliance
  • Brent Mundle on behalf of RCMP
  • Theresa Arsenault, QC
  • Gaelene Askeland
  • Tom Dyas
  • Diane Entwistle
  • Mike Gawliuk
  • David Krysko
  • Scott Lanigan
  • Carrie McDonald
  • Lisa McHaffie
  • Pam Moore
  • Brenda Plitt
  • Kelly Taverner
  • Shane Worman