City unsurprised with new BC marijuana regulations

The province has made some new decisions when it comes to the legalization of marijuana next summer.

Starting July 1, it'll only be legally sold to people 19 and older in both public and private retail locations.

Mayor Colin Basran says those things don't come as a shock.

"Some of the things that were announced (Tuesday) really aren't surprising, and are quite alligned with the feedback we as a city council gave to the provincial government," he said.

"So not too many surprises at this point, but still certainly a lot of questions, particularly as it pertains to dispensaries in our community."

He says those questions revolve around which private retailers will be allowed.

"(The province) hasn't come out and said which private entities are allowed to do that. So is it through dispensaries that it's going to be allowed? Perhaps is it going to be through drug stores? Is it going to be through already-licensed cold beer and wine stores? It's pretty vague, and the province has said that they will have more clarity and more detail comng out in the new year," he said.

Just like booze, BC Liquor will be the wholesale distributor of the supply.

Basran says the timeline to implement legal cannabis at a local level isn't exactly ideal.

"Certainly the more time we have the better, but at this point all we can do as municipalities is be reactionary, because of course we aren't the ones who are making these decisions, yet ultimately we are going to be the ones who have to enforce the decisions," he said.

"Probably the biggest concern we as a municipality have is it's still not clear what shared revenues will flow through to the cities. Because we're the ones who are on the ground, and going to have to pay for things like enforcement and policing."

Close to 50,000 people submitted feedback to the government last month.