City wants moving signs taken down

A local business owner is taking exception to the City saying his mobile signs need to be taken down.

Doug Wood, owner of Premium Oil Change Centre off Harvey Avenue, has put his two moving mannequin signs, Penny and Patty, right beside Highway 97 for three years to attract customers.

The City claims that a complaint was made towards the signs, and that they are in violation of the City’s sign bylaws.

Wood appeared on the Early Edition Wednesday morning, and claimed that it's unfair that he's being asked to take them down, while other businesses are breaking similar sign bylaws.

“My competitors have a sign out there, 12 months of the year, 24/7,” says Wood. “I bring my “girls” out when I open in the morning, and I bring them in at night. I have really positive reviews from the public and everyone about them.”

He says several tourists have even taken pictures with Penny and Patty when passing through Kelowna.

City Planning Manager Ryan Smith says the City’s sign bylaws are in place to prevent more similar signs from popping up along the highway.

“At a larger scale, and even at a smaller scale, I think that if people drove by and took a look at them, some may have a chuckle, but it doesn’t look that nice, and we’re trying to make the Highway 97 look nicer, not uglier,” says Smith.

Smith says the signs may also pose a safety risk, as their moving parts and LED lighting could distract drivers.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Patty and Penny are still set up in front of the Premium Oil Change Centre.