Community Rallies around Vandalized Kelowna Shop

The cost of vandalism is taking a toll on at least one business in downtown Kelowna.

Karmyc Bazaar was among the storefronts targeted by vandals last week. 

While the culprits were eventually caught by Kelowna RCMP, that won't repair the shop's front window, which was smashed in.

"This is my second window that's been broken in less than a year" said Owner Jennelle McGuire.

McGuire's first instinct was to submit an insurance claim for the shattered glass but she was quickly discouraged by the threat of higher premiums.

"The deductibles are so high and, sometimes, it isn't even worth putting through a claim." said McGuire. "It's extremely expensive, especially for a small business."

Instead, McGuire launched a GoFundMe campaign and appealed to the community for help.


The fundraiser quickly surpassed its thousand-dollar goal. As of Monday morning, the campaign had raised $1,415.

"It's almost overwhelming, how amazing the support has been from everybody"

The money will fully cover the cost of replacing Karmyc Bazaar's front window. Unfortunately, it will not pay for the merchandise that was destroyed when the glass was smashed.

McGuire isn't complaining though. She is hopeful that her windows will remain intact for the foreseeable future.