Cool/Wet March

Kelowna was slightly wetter and cooler last month, when compared to the normal March averages. 

The normal March temperature is 4.1 degrees but this year we averaged 3.3.  As far as precipitation, last month we saw a total of 21.9 millimetres in Kelowna.  The normal average is 21.6mm.

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Alyssa Charbonneau says Penticton stood out more when looking at the Okanagan weather results from March.  “Penticton was an average of 3.7(degrees) and the normal is 5 so that’s pretty significant.”  As for precipitation, “It looks like it was a record-breaking day for rainfall of 29.6mm of precipitation, that fell on the 22nd.  That lead to a preliminary ranking of the wettest March on record for Penticton, and potentially for other areas around there.”  

Charbonneau says Kelowna can expect rain this week, and upper elevation highways may receive snowfall.  “Wednesday and Thursday will be cool and rainy.  Hopefully by the time we get to (this) weekend, temperatures are a little bit closer to the seasonal normal, but we are looking at quite a bit of showers and rain, sort of Wednesday-on in our forecast.”