Cops cleared of wrongdoing in arrest

A police watchdog has cleared three Kelowna RCMP officers of any wrongdoing from an incident late last year.

The Independent Investigations Office of BC was initially called in after a man was injured during his arrest on December 1st, 2017.

The man, who suffered from mental illness and a brain injury, was in his apartment with his mother, who called a mental health nurse when her son claimed to be hearing voices.

When asked to either go to his mother's house or to the hospital, the man refused and started behaving erratically, leading to the call to police.

Upon arriving, the three officers had to heavily restrain him just to handcuff him. In the process, the man's leg had been broken.

He claimed that the officers had done it on purpose, and had been physically and verbally harassing him during the arrest.

However, the man's mother and the mental health nurse did not corroborate these allegations.

He later told the IIO that not everything he said at the time was true, and said that he was "out of it" due to being awake for three days straight.

The IIO says the officers acted appropriately when apprehending the man, and that he likely would not have been injured had he cooperated at the time of his arrest.

They also say that officers are permitted to use force when necessary, as long as they're acting within reasonable grounds.

As a result of the investigation, the three officers will not face any criminal charges.