Council approves new liquor store for Glenmore

Another liquor store for Glenmore is getting the green light.

On Monday, council gave its approval for the store to operate in a 2000 square foot lot in the Hillside commercial plaza, at the corner of Glenmore and Summit, beside the Conservatory building.

Planning Manager Terry Barton says it's more than 1.5 km away from the liquor store on Kane Road, which follows city policy.

"We feel that the use is suitable for this area, and for the commercial development, it complies with the city's liquor sales policy, and (we) feel that there's an awful lot of density in the area," he said.

Barton says that the idea of a liquor store in that vicinity has been discussed multiple times in the past, but that proposals for a bigger, more prominent store didn't fit with the city's plans for the site.

Barton says after hearing other proposals in the past, staff have agreed that this one is a good size for the area.

"In past years, inquiries have been made in a more aggressive way - larger in size. If it was larger in nature, and more aggressive, and higher profile, it kind of sent the wrong message. So in this case, I hope that we're not contradictory," he said.

"We're trying to say that basically, a small amount of liquor is appropriate, but there certainly would be a tipping point that if it got to a certain size, and occupied some high-profileness, that it changes the nature of that plaza. So we're content and supportive of the proposal at hand."

He says the fact that the site and neighbouring area will signficantly expand over the next few years is another reason why the new store will work.