Council approves parking for public on Fortis land

The same day the city announced plans to sell some land near Boyce-Gyro Park to upgrade parking, a neigbouring lot will be used for the same thing.

Council has approved a zoning change so that Fortis BC can build a 67-stall parking lot beside its sub-station on Swordy Road.

City Planner Adam Cseke (Check) says Fortis will lease part of the parking lot to "The Shore" - a commercial building project that's planned to open beside it.

"There's a certain portion of the surface parking lot that Fortis plans to expand, but there needs to be significant growth in Kelowna before that happens, and Fortis doesn't see that happening for at least 20 years. And then the majority of the parking stalls would be under a 50-year lease," he said.

Meanwhile, Councillor Tracy Gray says it's a win-win.

"I was really excited when I saw this in the (agenda) package, I think I actually went 'yay' out loud," she said.

"This is a great use of this piece of land, I know that it was alluded to, when this development came as a potential, and I'm just so happy to see this is actually happening, because public parking is definitely needed in this area."

The city had previously encouraged both sides to work together on a plan to add the parking, which pleased Councillor Maxine DeHart

"As I recall, we encouraged The Shore to approach Fortis and go this way.Staff and I think even some councillors, I can't remember who, but we were the ones that said we encourage you to go try and get it," she said.

"I'm really glad it worked out, and that they took the opinion of us, or whoever. I think it's just great."