Council signs off on digital signs for Prospera Place

New digital signs that will be added above the front doors at Prospera Place have been given the OK by council.

The digital signs will replace the existing ones that extend in a banner along the front.

Planning Manager Terry Barton says conditions are in place to keep the signs from being disruptive to people nearby.

"It will be quite bright during the daytime hours, but is limited to daytime, meaning that it will be under regulation to go down and be quite dull, quite ambiant, during nighttime," he said.

"While this is primarily an entertainment area, there are residents in the area as well. I think they fully buy into the fact they do live in an entertainment area, however there's still a balance that needs to be achieved here."

Councillor Luke Stack says he's happy for the changes..

"I like what I see, because I actually think the signage that's up there is pretty ugly, and I think this will actually modernize it," he said.

"So I think it's a benefit to the downtown, and will add to it."

In total, six signs will be digital.

City staff say they're in favour, but that this doesn't open the door for Prospera to add larger, flashier signs in the future.

The sign at Prospera Place is similar to the one approved for the Rotary Centre for the Arts, which is also a digital replacement for an already existing sign.