Councillor Hodge nearing release from hospital

After nearly a week in hospital, councillor Charlie Hodge is hoping to get back home this week.

Hodge is recovering from emergency surgery last Wednesday, which saw doctors remove a whole portion of his jaw bone.

Earlier today, his wife Theresa says doctors inserted a picc to treat the infection, which is what lead to the surgery in the first place.

"He's doing very well, he's still got the infection, and that will be four to six weeks of antibiotics that they'll do intravenously. But generally speaking, he's about as well as can be expected. A bit sore, obviously, but positive, happy to be getting out of here, and I think he really wants to get back to council and life in general," she said.

"They want to keep him at least overnight, because if they keep him in overnight, they can just make sure everything's going well. And if everything seems to be hunky dory, I guess they'll send him, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, he'll be able to come home."

As for the initial surgery, she says doctors had to close the incision with more than 200 stitches.

"He has a titanium plate from his chin, all the way through to the back of his mouth. But there's about a two inch to two-and-a-half inch gap in there that is held together by the plate, so it's gone," she said.

"They will do a skin graft five or six months from now, and hopefully that'll help strengthen it")

Theresa says at this point the wound is still quite fresh, and that although he's now able to talk again, he can only eat fine food that doesn't require chewing.