Councillor Hodge returns to City Hall

With the turn of the calendar, Kelowna council is welcoming back a colleague.

Back on October 25, Councillor Charlie Hodge was in hospital undergoing major jaw surgery, as a follow-up to a procedure earlier in the year.

On Monday, he was back at City Hall for the first time since then.

"I just wanted to say how honoured and thrilled I am to be back at this table. There was a few times there where I wasn't too sure," he said.

"I want to thank a couple people. Number one, my wife Teresa who's gone through hell and back. I also want to particularly thank Dr. Scott Williamson and Dr. Graeme McCauley, who without them, I would not be back at this table today."

He says he was touched by the number of well wishes he recieved during his recovery.

"It really humbled me, Mr. Mayor, how many people I heard from from the public, who sent me cards, phone calls. People I'd never heard of," he said.

"It's a pretty darn good community we live in. So as corny as it sounds, I still believe I'm the luckiest person and the most blessed person I know, and it's an honour to be back at the table with you."

The surgery involved the removal of a piece of bone from his leg, which was then added to his jaw.