Criminal activity nothing new for residents near Scharf Road

A West Kelowna neighbourhood is looking for any help they can get with temporary farm worker housing in the area.

Last Sunday, Danielle Ball had a naked woman try and break into her home on Scharf Road.

But her husband Collin Crabbe says it's only the latest in a constant string of crime.

He says there are farms in the area who are notorious for consistently under-providing for foreign workers.

"Living in a tent and showering with a garden hose, using a toilet that's absolutely full to the brim with excrement. You put people in that condition, you screw them over with some money and treat them terribly, of course crime is going to come as a result of that," he said.

"And that's where the problem really lies."

Crabbe says in talking to the RCMP, there just aren't enough officers in the city to tackle the issue proactively.

"They only have time to deal with items after an incident has already occured. Responding to a call, taking someone into jail, doing paperwork for a crime - there's no time or resources for them to be going out and actually policing the community," he said.

He says bylaw has been called out in the past, but that conditions have never significantly improved for any amount of time.

The neighbourhood has also reached out to local government over the chronic issues, but Crabbe says they haven't been able to connect with anyone willing to champion their cause.

"We presented a petition with 70 signatures with every member of the community over a year ago, and we haven't heard anything back. And all these issues were written in that petition, it just fell on deaf ears," he said.

"I just had to go out and spend a bunch of money putting in a full security system, adding locks to all of my doors, replacing doors that were damaged by crime. Guess who gets to foot that bill?"

He says another group is forming to appear in front of council in-person, at a meeting later this month.