Criticism growing over Horgan government rules for ride-sharing

Ride share

Critics of the Horgan government's ride-share rules can't believe what they've done.

Ride-share drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft will have to have a Class 4 commercial driver's licence, the same as a taxi driver or a limo driver.

Ian Tostenson of the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association says, "Mom takes four kids, drives them to school, drives some friends, goes to the soccer field, goes to Dairy Queen, takes them home and then that night, she decides that she wants to drive a few hours for Uber. Most of the drivers are part-time, less than 20 hours per week. She has to have a special licence, it makes no sense."

Tostenson echoes the worries of Uber and Lyft that part time drivers simply won't go through the time and expense of getting a Class 4 licence -  so the industry will sputter in BC.

He also accuses the NDP of protecting the taxi industry.

The government has said the licence regulation is non-negotiable.