CTF not impressed with federal budget

The federal Liberals brought down their pre-election budget on Tuesday.   

There were dollars allotted to all kinds of programs and services should the liberals remain in power after the upcoming vote in October.

The number one concern for economists is the ever growing deficit.

If you're a first time home buyer, you'll be happy with the new opportunities - if you think a national pharmacare program is right for the country, then you'll agree with the money put aside to get it started.

But, Aaron Wudrick, the National Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, asks the question..'who'll pay for all of this?" 

"When you're borrowing money to fund these things, the piper must be paid eventually - there's no free lunch. So, if you're a group that's happy about getting the money today - and that money is borrowed - you've got to remember there may come a time when it gets cut back, or clawed back from you, because the math needs to add up at the end of the day," he says.  

Wudrick told AM 1150's Early Edition that all the liberals needed to do was hold the line on spending, and had they done that, he says the budget would be balanced or it would be close.