D-Day in France

Kelowna Lake Country Liberal MP Stephen Fuhr is with the Canadian D-Day delegation in France. Today, he visited a Canadian cemetery filled with D-Day heroes.

"This is a very good indicator of the risks that volunteers to our military take. It's sobering, very sobering to stare at 2300 graves in France as a reminder of the loss and sacrifice Canadians made for France."

Among the Canadian delegation are 38 WWII veterans. They're all in their 90's now. Fuhr says it's likely the last time they'll visit the infamous beaches of D-Day. He is glad he had the chance to spend some time with them.

"The stories have been incredible. They're in good spirits. You can tell it's hard on them to be here and hard for them to travel now."

Fuhr was struck by how young the Canadian soldiers were who died on D-Day.