Dare to Dream Camp Out for Charity

Dare to Dream 2019

It's the last day of the Dare to Dream campout.

Steven Meyers is just one of many Kelowna Firefighters who camped for a cause this weekend on the Kelowna Yacht Club roof.

The Kelowna Professional Firefighters Charitable Association is raising donations for their new Dare to Dream initiative.

“The money that we raised over the weekend, 100 per cent of it goes into our charitable bank account for the Dare to Dream Charity; and then whatever we raise that’s kind of what we have to work with, so when we go through our applications we know face range what we can give.”

Citizens of Kelowna can nominate someone who has been hit with hard times; the association then picks the recipients based on who needs it most.

Meyers explained it could be anything from stuff needed around the house to a new bike for your child.

“The sky is the limit and we will do whatever they can to help out.”

He hopes to reach at least $5,000 in total funds raised.

They hit $2,500 by Friday night and haven’t tallied up Saturday’s donations yet.

“Today we're just accepting donations. People are coming by and talking about the charity. [We’re] trying to get the word out too because no one knows who needs help in Kelowna better than the citizens of Kelowna,” said Meyers.

The Kids Firefighter Challenge, that took place on Saturday, was proudly sponsored by Turner Volkswagen.

They donated a thousand dollars to the cause and will also be donating a portion of all car sales in August to the Dare to Dream Charity.

Kelowna Firefighters are collecting donations at the waterfront until 6pm today.