Dead dog found along Postill Lake Road near Kelowna

The Okanagan Forest Task Force made a grisly discovery off Postill Lake Road in Ellison over the weekend. 

Spokesperson for the group that routinely cleans up after illegal dumpers in the back country, Kane Blake, says he came across the body of big dog in the ditch and contacted the BC Conservation Office.

He says he didn't touch animal, which looked like a German Shepherd, and is not sure how it died.  

"A lot of the farms in the area have farm animals and it could have gotten away and got hit by a car, because it's a highly travelled road, and somebody didn't want to get caught, or have it laying in the road and dumped it over the edge," says Blake. "But I think the owners have a right to know if they don't know."

Blake says the dog wasn't the only thing found dumped in the area - he says there was a burned-out car, several TV's and an 8-person hot tub sawed in half.

"And this time we're probably looking at taking at least two 40-yard bins up there, or possibly a 40-yard and a 20-yard bin, and we'll probably have those completely full," he says.  

Just last fall - the group hauled over 3,500 pounds of garbage out of the same area of Postill Lake Road, and just recently they gathered 13 tons of garbage along Gillard Forest Service Road in Kettle Valley.

Blake says they're in the process of getting more pro-active to try and stop illegal dumping in the hills around Kelowna.

"We're actually installing game cameras into the forest to catch the illegal dumpers, and I know we're working with other resources that I can't really say at this moment, to catch illegal dumpers in the act as well," he says.

If you recognized the dog please contact Conservation at 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP) or OFTF at

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