Deliberations Begin in Sexual Assault Case

The trial of a Peachland man accused of sexually assaulting two women in August of 2016 is nearing its end.

On the evening of Tuesday, August  23rd in 2016, an RCMP Constable took Shea Gardecki into police custody after receiving a 9-1-1 call of an apparent sexual assault on two women.

According to reports, Gardecki was drinking at a friend's house on the 1500 block of Highland Road North, when he left for about half an hour to "go get more beer."

It seemed that that wasn't his intent, as Garnecki then reportedly broke into a nearby house where the victims of the alleged assaults took place.

The female victims, who won't be named, said they were sleeping on a mattress in the house when they both woke up to movements on the mattress, and something touching them from their legs to their genitals. 

They looked over to see a man they didn't know in bed with them. He claimed that he was there "with a friend," and pointed to a nearby empty couch. The two women then told him to leave. Once he was gone, they called 9-1-1.

Shortly afterwards, Garnecki returned to his friend's house, according to another resident of that house, and upon leaving once again, Garnecki was arrested in the backyard by RCMP and taken into police custody on one charge of breaking and entering and two counts of sexual assault.

Throughout the trial, when asked questions about the day of the incident, Gardecki reportedly said numerous times that he couldn't remember exactly what had happened or that he had no recollection of it, citing "bad memory."

Closing arguments from the Crown and the defense were presented to jurors in the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Now that the jury has heard all evidence relating to the case, deliberations are underway to determine whether or not Gardecki, who is currently on bail, will be found guilty.