Discussions well underway to expand private industry at YLW

As Kelowna expands, so will our airport. Passenger capacity is growing at a record pace and then there's the aerospace industry.

Mayor Colin Basran told AM 1150's Early Edition that negotiations are underway with private companies about opening facilities here.

"In order to build those buildings and invite those companies from around the world, we need to put in servicing. So, water, sewer, road ugrades, which cost millions of dollars. Due to the work of our great team at the airport, through these meetings they are having with companies, we will likely get all the services we need to grow our airport probably paid for by private industry." 

Basran says it's exciting to see the continuing growth of a city asset but not on the backs of taxpayers. The Mayor gave a shout-out to the airport team for the forward thinking work they're doing.