Dog owner warns of ticks in backcountry

Beware of ticks in the back country.   

That message from two Kelowna hikers who were up at Okanagan Mountain Park on the weekend.

Jean Francois and his friend had a dog with them and the family pet was loaded with ticks.

"The first night we started just petting the dog and found one and just decided to looking around and it was insane. One leg in the front had 15 ticks."      

Francois says he found ticks in their vehicle, likely attaching themselves to their backpacks and clothing.

"The type of tick we have here are Rocky Mountain Wood ticks, so we don't have to worry about Lyme Disease. But with this tick, it can cause paralysis in dogs when they stay attached for many days", Francois added.

The dog was taken to a local vet, administered medication and was given a clean bill of health.