Dome vs Home

Officials are attempting to work out any issues regarding sun glare shining off of the newly erected(January) soccer dome beside Rutland Secondary School.  AM 1150 was contacted by a nearby resident who is upset about the glare.

School District 23 Superintendent Kevin Kaardal says the district leased the land to the Kelowna United Soccer Association, who operate and own the dome.  Kaardal says Kelowna United have already been working with the homeowner to find a solution. “They’ve offered to put vines on his fence, they’re looking at a much higher fence, they’re trying to work with him.  I’m surprised he’s gone to the media and done these things.  I guess that’s what people do today, but they’re trying to work with him to try and resolve the issues that he’s identified.”    

The dome was a highly publicized project, according to Kaardal, “Kelowna United’s project was supported by the community, supporting soccer, the Mayor, the Provincial Government put $350,000 in it and of course it’s a great thing to recreation and soccer in the Rutland area.  A year ago, in the spring, it was front page news.  I don’t know if this particular neighbor was made aware of it.”

Kelowna United FC plans for the soccer dome to be up seasonally, October to April-May.  President Scott Jacobsen says construction delays are keeping it up longer than expected this year, “We got some weather delays…when you’re building something there’s always some sort of delay that pushes things back.  It will come down as soon as we, kind of, finish.”

As for the upset resident, Jacobsen says he’s not sure what the final outcome will be, “We want to be a good neighbor, and totally understand, ‘you’re next to a field and this thing pops up’ and I understand where he’s coming from.  We’re absolutely willing to work with him.”