"Don't throw your crap in our backyard".

A massive cleanup is planned this weekend along Postill Lake Road behind the Kelowna International Airport.

The Okanagan Forest Task Force will be using two-40 yard bins to clean up the garbage at the illegal dump site, left behind by careless people.

CEO Kane Blake says this is the third time they have cleaned up the area in the last two years.

"There is an eight person hot tub cut in half, dumped on the side of the road. There are two burned out cars. Burned wood pallets. I don't know how many of us have gone up there and gotten flat tires from nails everywhere. There is literally garbage everywhere. The shooting range up there looks like a landfill".

Blake is looking for volunteers to help in the cleanup.

You are asked to meet on Postill Lake Road Saturday morning at 9 am for a quick safety meeting before the cleanup starts.

"All people are doing by leaving all of this garbage, broken glass, nails, garbage in the bush is hurting the wildlife. Who are going to be their voice? Stop leaving your crap in our backyard", Blake added.