Downtown College could relocate next year

The Kelowna branch of the Vancouver Career College on Pandosy near Leon Avenue is considering a potential relocation within the next year.

This stems from safety concerns regarding activity happening outside the building.

“It’s not the homeless population that we’re concerned about,” says Campus Director Monika Klanyi. “We’re concerned about the substance and drug usage in the area.”

According to Klanyi, this became a prominent issue shortly after the Cornerstone Shelter opened on Leon, and several other businesses share the same concerns.

 “If (the shelter) becomes a permanent location, then we might be looking at relocating somewhere else,” says Klanyi.

Klanyi says representatives from the College and the shelter have spoken to one another, but not in depth about the situation.

The College has not yet decided on where they would relocate to if they decide to leave Pandosy.