Drinking Water Warnings Across Central Okanagan

A Water Quality Advisory has been issued for all customers in the City of Kelowna water utility with the exception of customers serviced by the Swick Road intake. The City serves approximately 60,000 customers from the Poplar Point, Eldorado and Cedar Creek Pump Stations, and the Swick Road system provides water to approximately 300 customers.  A Water Quality Advisory alerts residents that there is a modest health risk associated with consuming water. This is not a mandatory Boil Water notice.  Water Quality Advisories recommend anyone that’s in an at-risk group(weakened immune systems, the elderly, children) should bring water to a rolling boil for at least one minute or use an alternate, safe source of water.  Operators and owners of public facilities, food establishments and other businesses are required to post Water Quality Advisory notices at all sinks or drinking water fountains accessible to the public.

The City of West Kelowna has issued a Boil Water Notice for the Pritchard Water System due to above normal turbidity. The Notice is in effect until further notice and affects approximately 135 households.  All Pritchard Water System users should boil water before using it for drinking, making ice, cooking, washing food or brushing teeth.  Water Quality Advisories remain in effect for Sunnyside, West Kelowna Estates and Lakeview Water Systems, affecting approximately 7,000 households.  Free access is being given for affected residents to the water station at Shannon Lake and Asquith Roads.

The Regional District of Central Okanagan has issued a Water Quality Advisory for customers of the Killiney Beach and Westshore Estates water systems.  The advisory affects more than 280 properties serviced in the Killiney Beach subdivision and 265 properties in the Westshore Estates subdivision, both located off Westside Road.