Dropbike drops Kelowna

Kelowna's first bike share program is cutting ties with the city.

Dropbike is riding away after Kelowna council opened the door for competing companies to enter the market.

The city also loosened regulations requiring bike share companies to have designated parking zones.

"We believe that the regulatory framework developed by the City of Kelowna is not going to necessarily be healthy for operators" said Drop Mobility's Afraj Gill.

The decision to leave comes following a successful first year for the bike share program. The service provided over 35,000 rides in just six months.

"It's just unfortunate that, for some reason, the city has taken a misguided approach in terms of how they developed the regulation."

Drop Mobility contends the new looser rules will create an unsustainable business climate for bike share operators in Kelowna.

"We'll see how it pans out. I think the people of Kelowna will realize probably in the next twelve to fourteen months that maybe a different approach would have worked better."