Dropbike Program starts soon

The Kelowna bike share program, Dropbike, is getting set to launch.  Hundreds of bikes arrived on Tuesday and the City is planning to get them on the streets Monday, June 11th.  Kelowna Active Transportation Coordinator, Matt Worona says they're just waiting on some of the bike's solar technology to arrive.  "The operator has upgraded the kinds of locks so we get better information while people are on their trip, where the bike is.  Also, the locks are less prone to seizing up if we have a whole bunch of cloudy days in a row.  It would have to be out of the sun for a full two months for anything to die now."

Riders will be able to pick up and drop off bikes in various drop zones called "havens"and ride for a buck an hour.  Around 40 havens are being set up in the downtown area and those haven locations will be adjusted over the coming months.  If you leave the bike outside of a haven zone a bounty is placed on it that other users can collect, and you're charged a bit more.

The Dropbike program is an 18 month pilot, with no cost to the City of Kelowna.