Dull Housing Designs Put On Hold

Kelowna City Council is pumping the brakes on a new housing project near UBCO.

The development would see the construction of 154 townhouses on Academy Way and Vint Road.

On Monday council delayed a decision because the design was too "boring".

"I think I would have liked to see a little more variety on, perhaps, roof heights or even just a slightly different architectural mix" said Councillor Luke Stack. "It does seem a bit overwhelming to have that many exactly the same."

"It is the repetitiveness of building after building after building, all looking the same. That is my concern." said Councillor Gail Given.

Despite criticism of the cookie-cutter style, conversation of the project was generally supportive.

The developer is being asked to add more variation in the height and style of buildings or present a compelling argument to maintain the current design.