Duo arrested after stealing three cars in one day

A man and woman have been arrested in Kelowna after stealing three vehicles last Saturday. 

Police say the couple first stole a Volkswagen Golf in Lake Country just before 8 am, before driving it down into the Lower Mission.

Just after 2 pm, they're accused of ditching the Golf and attacking a man, who watched them drive off in his Chevy pick-up truck. 

The truck was recovered about two and a half hours later, when a man told police he found it parked in place of his 2008 Lexus, also in the Lower Mission. 

Corporal Tania Carroll says the suspects were first seen by an unmarked police cruiser at around 8:30, before police caught up with them again at 10:45.

After they initially got away, the pair were found passed out inside the Lexus up at the Kelowna Golf and Country Club, and were arrested.

The RCMP says 37-year-old Jesse Shawcross has a detailed criminal record dating back to 1999, and had several outstanding arrest warrants.

He and 30-year-old Cheri McCann are facing multiple charges, and were in court on Monday.