Duo back to raise funds on paddle boards

IG Kidsport_final2 (2)

Long-time friends have banded together to raise funds for charity. 

Kristin Postill and Brittany Page will be paddle boarding on Kalamalka Lake later this month for KidSport. 

The duo raised 19 thousand dollars two summers ago doing the same thing for the Okanagan Rail Trail.

"It is our ambition to do this year over year and each year choose a new charity or perhaps do the same charity. It is really important for us to give back to the Okanagan", Postill said during an interview with AM 1150 News.

"I do think our goal of 25 thousand dollars is attainable, I really, really do. We have to keep our eye on the prize and be a little aggressive. It is attainable when you have something to chase."  

The 'Stand Up for KidSport' fundraiser is July 20th.