Eagle Bluff wildfire - UPDATE

Aug 9 - Eagle bluff

Planned ignitions were successfully conducted on the south side of the Eagle Bluff wildfire yesterday. As a result, the fire is now estimated at 2,270 hectares in size. Additional resources were assigned to the fire bringing the total to 180 personnel; 20 personnel will remained on the fire overnight.

The BC Wildfire Service will also conduct a rotary wing night vision flight on the fire.This flight will be used to support ground crews conducting night operations, aid in the detection of new fires, and obtain more accurate mapping of the fire perimeter due to decreased smoke in the evening.

If you hear or see aircraft flying near the fire overnight, do not be alarmed as it is being used for these night operations. The BC Wildfire Service is trialing night vision technology to explore the capabilities of night flying for reconnaissance and detection and to allow for continued situational awareness.

There will be a single trained crew member from the BC Wildfire Service on the aircraft providing situational awareness to the ground crew as required.