Eagle Bluff wildfire - UPDATE

Aug 16 - Eagle Bluff

The BC Wildfire Service has completed all appropriate planned ignitions at this time based on fuel load and weather conditions. All containment lines and contingency lines have been completed around the perimeter of the fire. While the fire remains active, it is now burning in an area that historically has seen low intensity fire. This area, which has not seen suppression activities as it is burning in inoperable terrain on the northeast flank, shows low propensity for fire growth and no threat to interface values. In consultation with land managers and other stakeholders, it has been identified and decided to allow the fire to take its natural course while being monitored by the BC Wildfire service, an approach referred to as modified response. With this type of response, a combination of tactics could be used (including direct and indirect attacks) to manage fire activity within a predetermined perimeter, in order to maximize the fire's ecological benefits. The anticipated fire impact in the unsuppressed area will prove beneficial to its ecology and its habitat. The fire will be closely monitored, and plans will be put in place to action the fire appropriately should there be any threat to the fire breaching the established containment lines. The areas of the fire that posed a threat to interface values on the West, East and South flanks have been fully supressed and are currently in patrol status. These areas were all successfully burned using planned ignitions to bring the fire towards operable control lines. Infrared scanning will continue to occur in these areas to ensure all hot spots are all extinguished. 

The fire is now classified as being held, meaning the fire is not expected to grow beyond its current perimeter. The fire remains at 2,632 hectares in size. Due to decreased fire activity, the night crew will be demobilized off the fire this evening. Heavy equipment has completed guard around the perimeter of the fire and will also begin to demobilize off the fire. Firefighters will continue to carry out suppression objectives during the day on the East, West and South sides of the fire. Today, firefighters have been completing mop up in areas where the fire has previously burned and cleaning up constructed guard.