Economic output of Kelowna tourism hits billion dollar mark

New data released by Tourism Kelowna shows the tourism industry is a billion dollar contributor to the Central Okanagan economy.

Economic Impact of Tourism in Kelowna and the Greater Kelowna Area, BC - a report compiled by consulting company interVISTAS for Tourism Kelowna- shows the total economic output of tourism in the region is $1.25 billion, which is an increase of 48.8 per cent since 2011. 

The total Gross Domestic Product from tourism is $620 million, up 49 per cent over 2011, and total tax revenues are up 47.9 per cent, with $142 million last year. $80 million of that is federal tax revenue, $49 million is provincial tax revenues, and $13 million in municipal tax revenues.

The report found tourism is the third-largest employer by industry, behind health care and construction, accounting for almost 12,000 jobs last year.

Many indicators in the report suggest the industry is growing at a steady pace.

Over 1.9 million people visited Kelowna and the surrounding area last year.