Election nomination period underway

Those interested in running in the 2018 City of Kelowna General Local Election can now do so by filing nomination papers with the Chief Election Officer.

The nomination period opened today and individuals have until 4 p.m. on Friday September 14 to submit their documents to the Office of the City Clerk at Kelowna City Hall (2nd floor). A nomination deposit of $100 is required at time of filing. Once nomination documents are accepted, they become public information.

“We recommend candidates make an appointment with us in advance of the deadline,” says Chief Election Officer Karen Needham. “We want to ensure no one is filing at the last minute in case their documents are incomplete.”

A candidate for Kelowna City Council requires 10 nominators, while only two nominators are needed for School District No.23 Board of Education School Trustee candidates. Nominators must be qualified electors from the City of Kelowna.

Candidates must have lived in British Columbia for the past six months, be a Canadian citizen and be 18 years or older on General Voting Day, Saturday, Oct. 20.

Individuals who have successfully filed nominations papers will be declared candidates following the close of the nomination period at 4 p.m. on September 14.

The Kelowna General Local Election takes place on Saturday, October 20, where eligible voters will elect a mayor and eight councilors for Kelowna City Council and four school trustees for the School District No.23 Board of Education.

To stay informed on the upcoming Kelowna election including voter, candidate and general election information, visit kelowna.ca/election.