Electoral reform expert presenting in Kelowna

A leading voice on the topic of electoral reform is hosting a public presentation in Kelowna tonight.

Dr. Dennis Pilon is originally from BC, and is an Associate Professor of Political Science at York University in Toronto.

He says with a referendum happening later this year, he's looking to inform people on their options.

"What I'm going to do with this presentation, is say to people alright, what are the classic claims that we are hearing from the people who want change? How well are they supported by evidence?" he said.

"And then the same for the side that doesn't want change, the side that wants to keep the status quo voting system. What are the claims they are making? How well are they supported by facts? That's the topic for the evening."

Pilon has written two books on the topic of voting and Canada's electoral system.

He moved to Toronto after getting his bachelors and masters degrees in sociology and history at Simon Fraser University.

Tonight's presentation is free, and will be held at 7 pm at the First United Church, on the corner of Richter and Bernard.