Field of Crosses in City Park

In honour of Remembrance Day, and the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War 1, 242 white crosses have been placed in City Park.

Each cross features a name of a soldier from Kelowna who died in combat during that era. 

Keith Boehmer of the Kelowna military museum says this was a collaborative project between the museum, the local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, and the Rotary Club.

"We've been gathering records and information on the various names on the cenotaphs and memorials in the valley for many years," says Boehmer. "The centennial of the First World War gave it some extra significance, because there were some questions of 'who are these people and what are the details of their lives?'"

Remembrance Day is this Sunday, November 11th. The ceremony in City Park takes place at 10:30 AM.