Film shoot to start this month in Kelowna

Sepia Films, producers of movies like "A Shine of Rainbows" is back in the Okanagan with another project. 

"Anthem" is a 'coming of age' story set in the 1990's starring Juliette Lewis, from films like "Natural Born Killers" and Cameron Monaghan from Showtime's "Shameless".

Okanagan Film Commissioner, Jon Summerland, says with a small budget at under a million dollars, the producers are looking for help in gathering everything 1990's.

"We're looking for 90's cars, or anything pre-90's. We need 90's clothes and gadgets like Walkmans, TV's, books and Nintendos," says Summerland."We need a 90's basement, honestly, we're looking for somebody's house that's still got a basement that we all hung out in the 90's." 

The independent film, Sepia Films 8th in the Okanagan, will begin shooting at various locations in and around Kelowna starting March 23rd.

"They'll be all over Kelowna on downtown streets, there's a convenience store, a couple of different houses, they'll do some mountain climbing, a graveyard and a high school," says Summerland. 

He says the film is based on the award-winning novel by Joanne Proulx titled "Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet".

Summerland says if you want to be an extra submit your contact information, a simple headshot, your age and availability between March 23rd and April 13th to

To submit a vehicle or any other 90's goods please send your contact information, a photo of the item, whether the item is being donated or on loan and its availability between March 23rd and April 13th to