Final delay in sentencing for sex show robber

52-year-old Cal Little will be sentenced soon for his role in a July 2016 sex-show-turned-armed-robbery.

The Kelowna man, along with 25-year-old Heather Nystrom, entered a man’s apartment building in July of 2016 after being hired to perform a sex show. Instead, Little pulled out a sawed-off shotgun, pointed it at the man, and said “this is a robbery.”

Little and Nystrom then fled the apartment with $400 in cash, as well as the victim’s cell phone. They were both arrested a day later on charges of armed robbery, as well as several weapons charges.

During Monday’s court appearance, Little appeared emotional as defence counsel Jordan Watt outlined his client’s difficult years leading up to the offense, which included his business falling apart, losing his mother, and developing an addiction to cocaine.

When asked if he wanted to say anything to the court, Little simply looked down and shook his head.

Watt says he’s seeking a 5-year sentence for Little, while Crown counsel has previously stated that they are seeking an 8-year sentence.

Judge Jane Cartwright said she needed to take a few days to think of an appropriate sentence, and added that this would be the last adjournment in Little’s case.

Last month, Heather Nystrom was sentenced to 6 years for her role in the robbery, minus 16 months’ time served.

The identity of the victim is protected under a publication ban.