Final phase funded for Rutland Transit exchange

After finishing the first phase four years ago, the city is allocating funding to complete the Rutland Transit Exchange.

Roughly $1.3 million of surplus cash is being moved toward the project, which is on Shepherd Road, beside Centennial Park.

Transit Manager Jerry Dombowsky says the biggest part of the job is extending that street between Rutland Road and Roxby Road.

"In 2014, the city acquired the majority of the Rutland Centennial Park site, and that included the land that's required for the Shepherd Road extension, which would see the completion of the transit exchange," he said.

Currently, the exchange only services one bus route - the #14 Black Mountain.

By completing the project, it would be a central location where riders could connect with the #8, #10, and #11 routes as well.

Dombowsky says the full cost of completion is 2.8 million dollars, but that it's possible the city won't have to pay for most of it.

"There is a $2.8 million federal grant submission made for the cost of this project, however these funds are not secured," he said.

"The project can be initiated this year, and it can be completed next year, depending on the outcome of the federal grant application. And the result of the grant application, we expect to hear by year end."

He says if the city doesn't get funding, they could also build a slimmed-down version of the project, which would cost only $2.1 million.

But with this project going forward, it will further delay construction of a security pavilion at the Queensway loop downtown.

Councillor Gail Given says it's something that shouldn't be overlooked.

"I'd love to see that come forward as well, because it was going to contain public washrooms, we know the demand for public washrooms on the transit system," she said.

"So the quicker we get that pavilion back on the project list, the more comfortable it makes me - that is a high-needs location."

The surplus cash was mostly left over from the rapid bus station project, and partially from federal Gas Tax funding.

The Gas Tax portion of $250,000 expires at the end of next year.