Firefighters knock down fire in Glen Canyon Park

West Kelowna fire crews quickly gained control of a small fire in Glen Canyon Regional Park Wednesday night.

Assistant Fire Chief Darren Lee says just before 7 pm, firefighters were called down into Powers Creek, with Glencoe Road and Aberdeen Road on either side.

"It was in the Powers Creek drainage right in Glen Canyon, but it's on the high side of the highway, it's actually a very steep trek down in there," he said.

"It really wasn't a really active fire, it was just a smouldering fire on the ground. There was very little to absolutely almost no open flame."

He says the fire only grew to a size of about 400 square feet, and that provincial crews were called off before they got to the site.

"Probably about 10 or 15 minutes into the incident, one of my captains let me know that they weren't going to be needed. They had responded from Penticton, and they were coming in by road - they weren't flying in by helicopter. So we advised dispatch that we could stand the Wildfire Management Branch down on that one," he said.

Firefighters then dug a hand guard around the fire, and pumped out water from the creek to put it out.

Lee says the fire started near an old campsite.

"It was definitely human caused, there's no lightning reported in the area. And we would chalk that one up to human caused, and we would call it suspicious, just because we can't see anything that would have started it," he said.

"There was just nothing really concrete where we could say hey, this is what the cause was. So it will probably go down as undetermined."

The city had already closed Glen Canyon park to the public, in light of the high risk of fire.