First legal pot shop set to open in the Kelowna area


Starbuds pot store in Lake Country finally has a licence from the province. It's about to be the first legal marijuana store in the Kelowna area.

Big news for CEO Dave Martyn. 

"Patience and persistence is what we preached internally. It's here, it's arrived, it's been a long process. On the political side, things are still up in the air for a lot of operators in the area. We think our licence is a good first step and hopefully open the door for many more to come over the next year in our local area."

The provincial licence was granted almost seven months to the day after Starbuds was okayed by Lake Country City Council.

Martyn and staff are shooting for Starbuds to be open for business in a week or ten days. He says there'll be no issue with supplies. 

"We have seen the flip from under-supply to over-supply because stores aren't open and people have not bought into the province's online sales model. The numbers have been horrific there. The province is in fact burning money by doing online sales. As stores open up you will certainly see supplies dwindle down because of the huge demand for cannabis."

You'll find Starbuds in the strip mall where the only Starbucks in Lake Country is located.

As Martyn says, "Cannabis and caffeine, it's a nice pairing."