First week of spring in Kelowna more typical weather

If you check Environment Canada's website - you'll see the first week of spring in Kelowna is loaded with cloud with a chance of showers. 

Meteorologist Doug Lundquist says the weather icons on the website are over simplified - there should be some sun peeking out from the cloud.

"I fully expect about one third of the week, maybe even as much as half of the week, there will be some sunshine. What we're getting is systems coming up from the southwest. There will be cloud and showers at times especially Tuesday, and maybe some towards Friday and Saturday again - but between systems there's breaks," he says.    

Lundquist says compared to last year's warm winter and spring - the weather this year has made a complete U-turn.

"We've had a colder than average winter and we're just trying to work our way out of that - the ground is colder than it was last year, everything is colder than it was at the same time last year, so we have to recover from that - that probably means we'll be closer to average, so looking at a more typical spring this year. Last year was definitely a priceless one," says Lundquist.   

Lundquist says daytime highs this week will range from 8 to 13 degrees - the normal high is 10 degrees.