Flood threat still exists

With possible high winds forecast for the weekend, protection measures have been placed in key areas along the shores of Okanagan Lake.

The aim is to protect public infrastructure. 

Residents along the lakeshore are urged to take steps to protect their own property.

As of this morning, Okanagan Lake is at 342.69 meters, which is 21 cm above full pool.

While this is still 57 cm lower than the high water mark of 2017, a severe wind and or rain event could push water levels higher and lead to flooding and erosion.

"The situation has stabilized, especially when it comes to the region's creeks and streams," says Emergency Operations Centre Director, Jim Zaffino. "However, when it comes to lakeshore areas, the situation is not yet over and we cannot afford to let our guard down."

Measures being used to protect public infrastructure around Okanagan Lake include log booms, water dams and sandbags.