Food truck arrives at YLW

The Kelowna International Airport is renovating the White Spot kitchen.

During the anticipated three month construction, a Triple O's food truck will be on site serving a limited hot food menu. 

Warren Erhart, CEO of White Spot, says its two locations at the airport will still be able to have food served to hungry travelers.

"This is the first for an airport, absolutely. It is quite unique. I have to give full marks to the Kelowna airport folks. It is creative and innovative and they keep looking for different ways of doing things and how can we not lose the opportunity of serving the hot food to people while we are renovating".       

Airport Senior Manager Phillip Elchitz says a food truck will be able to accomodate both airside and groundside travelers.

"The original White Spot, which was built in 2008, had 100 seats and we built a kitchen with that. Since that time we have almost tripled the number of seats and have been unable to keep up with the speed of the service there. What we are doing is rebuilding it (kitchen). We have to close the kitchen down but we still had to ensure we had the customer experience that food was available. So the food will be served from this mobile kitchen for the next three months."          

The renovations will not impact service at Subway or Tim Horton's locations at YLW.

Untl the end of Friday, two dollars from every burger sold will go to the Canucks Autism Network.