Former councillor wants back into Kelowna politics

A former Kelowna city councillor has thrown his hat into the political ring.

Graeme James, a one-term city councillor who also had a failed attempt to enter provincial politics, has taken out nomination papers for a council run this fall.

James says he has become frustrated while watching from the sidelines.

"We have councillors that stand up and condemn development and then they do nothing about it. In Glenmore, we have some of the ugliest buildings that I have ever seen. Some said they didn't like the building yet they voted for it."

James lost his seat in the 2011 election will try to reclaim a council post this October. 

"The state of our downtown is pushing me to the edge and I said something has to be done about it.  It is affecting our tourist situation. Decent people that have businesses there are very frustrated," James added.